Momma, take a moment to pat yourself on the back

As I was driving into work today, I was starting to lament about all the well intentioned arts and crafts waiting to be finished at home. I decided to save quite a bit of money and take the kids to Michael’s this year.  “We’re going to make everyone gifts this year!” All gifts from the heart, it will be fabulous!

A month ago I had this plan…. what happened? Life happened. The kids visiting their dad every other weekend, a Girl Scout event that spent half a day that I forgot about, childhood illnesses, Oh! and my job started scheduling me random weekend days. So here I was, contemplating how on Earth I was going to get this all done with the least amount of stress. Do you know what I did? I stopped stressing. If the kids were on a roll, bedtime was stretched an extra 30 minutes… or so. I started coming up with contingency plans like plating up homemade cookies from the kids, just in case we didn’t get to extended family members. I went from a stress level of 10 down to practically zilch. I helped them out, we had fun, and look at all the work we got done. Instead of spending our Friday night painting feverishly, praying everything was dry before we wrapped them and then squeezed in time for baking cookies too, I’m standing back basking in it’s glory, reveling in the wonderful job we all did. I did this after battling making chocolate toffee for the first time this evening. I was exhausted from throwing out a first batch, burning myself, almost failing again before google came to the rescue. I walked around the corner frazzled, looked at all our dried creations on the table and said, “Wow!” (patting myself on the back).

As moms, we get caught up in a lot of things. Work, school, homework, projects, Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts, sports, dance, holidays, family…. the list goes on forever. We are all amazing mama jammas who need to take a step back, even for a second, at least once a week and tell ourselves, “Holy hell, I don’t know how I just did that… but I am freakin’ awesome!” and when you see another momma do something that just blows your socks off, tell her. We all need that verbal hug that helps propel us into the next hair brained idea we come up with.


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