Two Piece Suit

“Ahem. Excuse me,” said a sound like the coo of a dove, “but there is something I really think you must hear, my dear love.”

I saw you walking on the beach in your lovely polka dot, two piece suit, and I must say that everyone else who laid eyes on you were really having a hoot.

Look at her cottage cheese thighs, they all cried, and look at her jiggly butt, the stretch marks look like a relief map spread all over her gut.
How dare she blind us all with this disgraceful scene, someone needs to stop her from making this beach unclean.

I couldn’t stand them mocking you, a lovely mother of two, so I popped up from my towel and screamed at them until I was blue!

How dare you! I yelled until my voice was hoarse, I’m supposing all of you are perfect of course?

That young woman down there is braver than all of you put together, it’s jealousy I hear you when you mockingly put down another.

Every stretch mark is a badge of honor from a baby whom she will forever love and cherish, who in turn loves her with all their hearts despite every tiny blemish.

It’s courage I see, strutting her stuff, down the white sandy beach, turning a deaf ear to every word and whisper and every hideous screech

She’s teaching those two beautiful children to love their whole being, I invite you all to try it, it’s actually quite freeing.

To love yourself heart, body and soul despite what others may say. I hope you all remember my words when your own bodies turn that way.

When you, yourselves, hear the jeers and sneers and the crowds are being brutes, I hope you march on by and hold your heads up high, in your own polka dot two piece suits.

Please understand my dear, it struck a nerve, I don’t often act this way, but I thought of myself as a young mother of two and I felt I had to have my say.

I wish I had been brave, I had been courageous and not taken the teasing to heart, instead I hid behind big towels, t-shirts and one piece suits. I was ashamed. I wasn’t very smart.

Much love and encouragement I envelope around you, Oh fearless mother so brave. Keep showing the world that to no one’s vision of beauty will you ever be a slave.


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