🎶It’s Raining, It’s Pouring…🎶

img_0715Do you remember? Do you remember that when you were a kid, how your eyes would light up when you would see even the smallest puddle on a rainy day? I do. I only lived right across the street from my school, literally a stone’a throw away, yet I would come home soaked from my “walk” home. Not a single puddle escaped being kicked, splashed or skipped through. I have always loved the rain. The way it smells, the way it feels when it falls on your face, and the way it makes the Earth seem so shiny and new, like wiping a chalkboard clean. Why as adults do we often lose these simple joys? As a kid, I knew my mom would have dry clothes, a steamy bath ready, and hot chocolate on the stove. She never tried to stifle my love of the rain, instead she would shake her head and send me straight to the bathroom to strip out of my wet clothes.

Today, the adult in me wanted to park in our main parking lot at work and get on a nice warm shuttle, and only have to walk partially in the rain to avoid getting wet. Luckily, my inner child won. I parked in a satellite lot forcing me to stare at puddles the entire way. I started off just stomping my way through them, which led to kicking and splashing, the biggest one I skipped through. That last one I could imagine a childlike mind thinking that if they did it fast enough, you could skim the surface like magic. That sadly didn’t happen, I was a little soggy by the time I was done, but I was so happy. Children don’t have the stressors that adults do. They enjoy the simple things. Everything is new and exciting. With adulthood and experience we become jaded and cynical and lack joy in our lives.

So today, I invite you to put down that umbrella, remove that hoodie, and turn your face to the sky. Dance, skip and hop through every puddle. Enjoy the simple pleasures, and if you can, grab someone’s hand and have them join the fun with you.


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