Such a simple word with so many meanings.

An apology for a wrong doing, either perceived by others or by ones self,

A way of patching a mistake, like one would seal a crack in a wall.

What if a person is saying sorry for all the inappropriate reasons?

What would one’s wall look like then?

All the apologies un-needed…

Sorry I bumped into you, Sorry I said the wrong things, Sorry I did something entirely unintentional, Sorry for existing in your space.

Standing in front of a white washed wall covered in beige scars, signifying every sorry you have ever said in your life,

If you could name every one, which ones would you erase?

Which trivial and meaningless I’m Sorrys would you move forward vowing to never say again,

Or instead, would you paint the wall over? Choosing some bright and cheery yellow or sunny orange to mask the cracks truly lying underneath.

Not realizing that once the paint sets, the faint lines of that word would slowly come to the surface.

No longer shall I be unhappy, downhearted, or downcast over something that isn’t my fault.

A simple five letter word meant to express sorrow, or distress shall be reserved for its rightful place.

No longer shall a simple bump elicit a sorry from these lips with a down cast look.

I am sorry for jobs lost, for tragedies, for loss of life.

That is where that strong and poignant word belongs.

No longer shall it define my worth.


One thought on “Sorry

  1. This was inspired by the fact that it was brought to my attention that as women, we apologize for everything. When I stood back and listened, I realized that I was guilty of this as well. I make a point to tell women in my life not to apologize to me when I hear them doing the same, and try to catch myself before I do it as well. Any thoughts?


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