One Love


On this day of remembrance, I stop and pause. Like everyone in this country I remember the cause.

I look back on history with heavy hearted sorrow, we have come so far but have yet to reach a new tomorrow.

With head in my hands I sigh and heave, will this subject never leave?

Will we ever have a day that we all understand, that to fight with each other takes the subject out of hand.

To offer my empathy I step forth and say, Suffering for all races has shown much the same way, the Irish were sold straight out of their beds, children playing plucked from streets, ripping families apart with dread.

Not allowed to own land, their trades were strangled, illiterate and poor, a new lease on life in front of them dangled.

Sold in America for mere pennies on the dollar, their lives were expendable, and weren’t worth the bother.

But those scrappy Irish rebelled, yes they did, bringing together slaves who were black to do what they knew was forbid.

Revolt they all would on every plantation, until slave owners came to a devious revelation.

Since the time of slavery the racial divide started, to stop them from rising and keep them departed.

To cause jealousy amongst the throngs, Irish were given jobs that began the wrong.

Jobs above their standing that created derision, causing suspicion and doubt to poison their cohesion.

Immediately at this point in my story I would be stopped, yelled at and cursed. How dare you try to say you understand! People would burst.

How could you possibly understand what our people have endured? Don’t you know that it was YOUR people’s acts that this incurred?

But there’s the Jews too!! I would exclaim. What about all the Egyptian slaves buried beneath Pyramid frames?

You will never understand, I would be told. You’re white privilege makes you blind, and all the lies you have been sold.

You will never understand that you are the problem, never to be trusted, and when it comes to race relations, maladjusted.

The roaring shouts of indignation eventually keep me quiet, it is not my intention for my words to cause such a riot.

I sit by myself in the din, biting back the tears. Instead of trying to help this cause, now I’m full of fear

I tried to build an understanding about how we are all the same, instead I am now bitter, dejected and about myself… full of shame.

And then I realize….. I’ve gone about it all wrong.

By telling you my ancestry or of others, I make you feel I don’t care about your sisters and brothers.

What I’m trying to express is a common thread, which is what those in power fearfully dread.

If we all come together and understand, that throughout history all generations have suffered at their hands,

If we all come together hand in hand, no longer divided,

As one, as a human race, no longer lopsided

No longer…Asian, Black, Hispanic, Jewish, Native American, White, Gay, Straight, Bisexual, Transgender…

We would all be members of just the human race, no labels. What a splendor!

No longer to be judged by the color of our skin, or what is going on behind the door therein.

Judge us all by the character of our hearts, minds and souls. That is where the true merit of our spirit is told.

Imagine the phenomenal things we could accomplish, if all of these branded names we could abolish.

United we stand, divided we fall, working together against this racial squall.

Hand in hand together, let’s all make the world understand,

And come together in the brother and sisterhood of man.



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