A Beautiful Work of Love

Let’s hop in the way back machine and transport ourselves to late 2013. I’m sitting in a class at my job with TONS of downtime, at least two hours. Confined to a room and not allowed to leave, I had two choices. Either I would go over the same material I had already gone through so many times, I was fearing a brain seepage, OR write down the beginnings of a story that had been swirling around in my brain for years. In that two hour chunk of time I had pulled together a relatively good rough draft. My big problem was the ending. When I got home that night I fired up my laptop, entered it all, and stared at that lackluster ending, which was really non-existent.

There it sat collecting electronic dust for a year, before an amazing person came into my life and asked this struggling single momma, “What do you want to do to make money?” At the suggestion of a second job, I was told “But that will take you away from your kids even more.” This was the thought that kept me from getting a second job part time and I was glad  that it was recognized by someone else. The next question fired off at me was, “What do you like to do? What’s your passion?” The first thing I said was read, but after careful thought I mentioned that I’ve always loved writing. It was posed to me that maybe I should put effort into something I love rather than something that just gets me by, pays the bills. So, my labor of love began. I already had a rough draft, which I edited, and edited, and edited again. Still hoping for inspiration for that ending to my tale. It finally came to me late one night, but I had a problem. This story was so near and dear to my heart, I was afraid to let it go and risk judgement. This held me back for another year. I was always too busy to finish it, I had things going on with the kids such as illnesses as well as picking up over time at work. I met an extremely talented artist at work and casually mentioned I needed artwork for my book and if I could get her info, the spark was re-lit…. until…both our schedules being hectic and another round of illnesses and my goal of publishing before the end of 2016 was looking grim.

I suddenly realized I had an amazing artist within my own family and she was available. I just thought she wouldn’t take the work because the style I was looking for wasn’t her passion. That spark though, it was now roaring into full on passion for this project to come to a finish so I contacted her.

The first email she sent me with the rough sketches I am sharing in this blog, stoked that fire ever higher. It was exactly what I was looking for and more. The prospect of creating something wonderful with my sister together, brought pride, love and bonding between us.

As the release date gets closer I plan on sharing in another blog, the inspiration for my story, which is why it was so hard to let go of. It felt too much like letting a piece of my heart walk around by itself.

Sun Kisses by Lynda Beaver and Illustrated by Jolie Beaver!

Look for it February 2017


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