Dance Like No One is Watching

Remember that girl? You know. The one who danced when the rhythm felt good? Toes tapping, not caring one damn if you didn’t know you’re right from you’re left? Doing something just for the sake that it makes you feel alive.

Do you remember…. how NOTHING ever got in her way? Not one nay sayer, not one side glance, not one once over, all actions were made because YOU wanted it to be so.

She’s waiting. That little girl. Anxiously yet patiently, waiting for you to find her again. Like a life long game of hide and go seek she leaves you clues, pushes you, cheers for you, cries with you, all along hoping that one day in the end, you will throw away all the societal trappings. The garb, the plastic costume jewelry, the paper mask, to stop being who society convinced you that you should be and finally just…. be.

So go, find her. When you find her, give her the biggest and warmest hug you can muster, because she never gave up on you.


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