Time is of the essence… so they say

I lay here in bed thinking back on my day. Could I have done anything different? Could I have shaved a little time there by foregoing that cup of coffee on the way home? Perhaps, not stopping to chat with a friend, or putting my phone away and not checking Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? Maybe, re-reading and editing my emails this evening three times was excessive. 

I work a full time job, am a single mom, and Author. I am up at 6 am every day Monday through Friday, drop off kids at daycare, manage a kitchen for 8 hours, pick up kids from daycare, check homework, make dinner, orchestrate bath time, perhaps attend a Cub Scout meeting, have  ABA therapy for my son with Autism, brush teeth, read a story, tuck in kids….. and then try to fit in everything else I need to get done remembering I need that silly thing called sleep.

Tonight I really wanted to edit a new story that I want to publish within the next few months. Mom duties took prescedence this evening and by the time I was done, there wasn’t much time left. There are days that I feel utterly drained, wondering when I’ll find time to get everything completed. I have to remember to find my inner Scarlet.

 “Tomorrow is another day” has to become my mantra. Without it, I would be despondent every evening. Instead I celebrate the small things that I check off in my brain, which are items that are now done and over with, slowly clearing my slate so I can focus on bigger and better things, like finishing a book.

Moms the world over are hard on themselves. There isn’t enough time, and we don’t have the ability to astrol project ourselves to accomplish all the things we wish we could simultaneously, although if anyone will figure out that sci-fi ability…. it will be a mom.

Time IS of the essence, and considering all the things I accomplish in one day, I think I’m doing a pretty decent job.

Of course….. if I hadn’t written this blog I could be working on my story. Ah well… lesson learned for tomorrow. 😉


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