Celiac Adventures…Life Without Gluten

Gluten. Wheat. It’s in everything! Do you want to know when you become painfully aware of this? When you are diagnosed with a disease that causes your immune system to go on the attack when you eat it. The funny thing, I was given the blood test to check for it to “rule it out”. I had been battling fatigue off and on, severe bloating and discomfort and just generally feeling run down. “Well, you’re a single mom. I mean, you have to be tired a lot”. I had to let this well meaning professional understand that I knew the difference between “Mom Fatigue” and “Something is Wrong Fatigue”. We did find an issue with my liver that was corrected…. did you know the liver is the only organ in the body that can heal itself? I know, now. Over two years later of going in and out of the doctor to get checked out I was sent back to the GI who I saw for my liver except it wasn’t the head physician, it was the PA. I have found that this mentality of “ruling things out” is much more common with the PA. Many head practitioners almost gave me a verbal pat on the head, kind of a “take two of these and call me in a couple of weeks” diagnosis. I was so grateful that the bloodwork came back positive for something, because now I had at least an explanation. After my final gluten meal, brought to me by my amazing boyfriend (the beer is missing in the photo) Hey!! I was told not to eliminate gluten before my procedure and I made sure to follow doctor’s orders 😉

I had a colonoscopy to check how much my intestines were damaged, I have been on a strict gluten free diet ever since.

My kids are just as diligent as I am about checking labels, ALL labels. Some things I have had to give up because I wasn’t aware they had wheat filler: Campbell’s Tomato Soup (let’s just say pretty much all soup but this killed me the most, that and clam chowder),  Teriyaki sauce, Soy sauce (again, let’s just say all sauce. Asian food being my fav I have to check for soy sauce in everything), sausages and hamburger patties (because who knew wheat is a filler), How about checking all packages for being processed on the same equipment with wheat (I had an episode with a package of almonds… almonds!!! ).

So when I find somewhere that I can eat a burger with a gluten free bun processed and prepared on a separate counter, you get this reaction. (It had been months since I had eaten one)

Or when you are clued in to a bakery that is entirely gluten free! Which I stopped by and bought from today!

I kind of jump for joy! I have always been a foodie and love food. So my new adventure for the rest of my life isn’t just a foodie adventure it’s a Celiac Adventure! There are so many foods out there I can enjoy I just have to find the people who make them! Adventure is waiting!

After I have a lengthy conversation with the owner and find out how it’s prepared 😂


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