What is your niche…??

The first time someone asked me this when I mentioned starting a blog, I honestly had to ask for the definition. I had never heard the term. Once explained, I was even more at a loss. So what you’re telling me, is I have to find one infinitesimal part of me that I hope relates to other people like me, and hopefully be able to write enough about it that it stays interesting, rather than sounding like I’m writing in a diary? Okay…

I have started following other bloggers and authors and all I have to say is… where the hell do they find the time?? One author not only publishes new titles but she also runs six blogs, SIX! I think I’m doing fabulous if I (a) Dropped the kids off on time and made it to work on time (b) Get everyone to bed on time and (c) post at least one blog post every few days and write an hour a night. I seriously don’t have the time and until I can do this gig full time, I fail to see where I could carve out the time without taking time away from something else, like sleep.

There are so many layers to what makes me, well me, that I have figured out I would also be running six blogs to cover all the subjects I could write about.

1. Motherhood (First and Foremost)

Hell, I could even break this down into multiple blogs, i.e. A mother of sons, a mother of an almost pre-teen girl, reminiscing about the toddler and newborn days, single parenting advice…the blogs could go on and on. I could even give parenting advice on traversing the jungle that is Disneyland in a blog about…

2. Life at The Happiest Place on Earth

I have been a cast member at the Disneyland Resort for 16 years, and the stories I could tell. That’s a blog better left for when I retire or quit the company though. However, I could recount heart warming stories about interactions with our guests. I could give insider tips as to when is the best time to swing by for a visit, what are some cast member tips and tricks, assist in help with our DAS system for our rides which could lead to another blog about…

3. Autism

My oldest son, was non-verbal at 3 1/2 and was diagnosed with Autism. The emotional rollercoaster we have been through between diagnosis, finally getting the help he needed, the rise, fall and plateau of behavior therapy, special day classes in the public school system, societal stigma and coping skills for him, would make for a blog that would take tons of my time. Hey! When old enough he could even guest spot on it for me! Anywho… we continue with…

4. Divorce

The ugly “D” word and what it all encompasses. The feelings of regret and remorse, advice on how to put oneself together while you’re trying to keep your kids grounded, how to move on and keep yourself healthy while trying to sort through the mess and the squabbling. Health would lead me to…

5. Celiac Disease

Imagine being a foodie finding out that all those delicious pastries, pastas and breads you were shoving in your face were causing your health problems, and now you are told you can’t have any of them or it will slowly kill you. This blog could be a place to share war stories (some accounts of diagnosis I have read have taken 10 + years to diagnose), recipes, laughter and love over this illness that can lead to other auto immune diseases. Which would segue finally to….

6. Storytelling

The one thing I have loved since childhood has been reading and eventually writing. A passion of mine that I was de-railed from of my own doing. This blog is already created, in a sense. I share blogs about my current book, and future works, I’ve dabbled at some poetry, shared some story ideas and generally use it to get the creative juices flowing. It has in a way become my diary where I creatively muse in between sharing about my work.

So what is my niche? Well… pick one. I find it hard to wrap up one item that means so much to me in a pretty little bow and focus on just that. There is too much to all of us that makes us who we are and we should use it to help us connect with others. I understand why we as human beings compartmentalize because it helps us process things better, but I feel if we knew more of what was going on with each other we would feel better about ourselves. “Wow!! I’m not the only one who is nuts and has an insane amount of things going on!”

So for now, this blog will be my catch all. I’ll tag each blog hoping it will connect to the people it needs to…. that is until I’m a wealthy writer and then I can have “my people” help me run my blogs 😉


One thought on “What is your niche…??

  1. I haven’t grasped the idea of niche yet. One month into blogging and I’m still figuring out what I really want to blog about. I’m realizing,however, that one has to write about anything you are passionate about. So, if you think you could write about various things…so be it. You will find readers. The important thing is, you will discover a lot of things about yourself as you blog.
    I’m happy with my “niche-less-ness”… I hope you will feel that, too.

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