Getting Back in the Saddle…Again

cowboy-saddle-2345137_1920 (1)

Good Lord!! I haven’t written a blog since March!! That trusty saddle was hung up seemingly momentarily as I balanced a move, work, and getting my kids settled into a new home. What actually happened was far worse…

…… I got LOST!


Not in the literal sense of course, but as a writer I lost direction. If anyone has been watching my Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account in the last couple of weeks you wouldn’t know it. I gently pulled myself up by the boot straps and started talking shop again. Promoting my E-book Sun Kisses, getting everyone in the loop that another book is on its way and getting more active on my group page again. Here is the kicker, all this self promotion and amping up for another book is just a bunch of noise to distract me from my real problem. My recent book was sent off to be edited, and as I was working out details for more illustrations with my sister, which are coming along swimmingly, I received my book back and I was shocked! It had been edited beyond recognition in my mind. The story that I was trying to tell with all the details I felt were so important was completely chopped out. I literally felt like this…


I lamented, I cried, I was despondent. I reached out to friends and colleagues, asking for input. I was riding the wave of my first published E-book, steaming towards getting another out there while the iron was hot, and in an instant, I was completely deflated, ready to crawl under a rock. I haven’t looked at the story since. After a time, I started to get more active on social media and followed other Indie Authors and read blogs to try and glean from them and figure out where I went wrong. Some of the critique of my book made some sense after researching it. I learned a lot. However, at the end of all this and taking in much needed advice I decided to look at my chalkboard and say….


Yes, I paid this person to edit my story and make it polished and clean for my readers. However, it’s still MY story. I ultimately decide what stays and what goes. I am the story teller, and I know what I am hoping to gain from this book. Understanding. My new book, Gretel: The Wonder Dog, is about a little dog who helps a boy with Autism. She gains his trust and helps him do one of the things that is hardest for any child with special needs: making friends. Perhaps I took the content editing too close to heart because this story is exactly that. My son has Autism and I have seen him struggle to make connections with other kids. My hopes for this book is to help other kids understand what that “strange” kid on the playground may be going through. I don’t expect to be a best selling author from this, although that would be nice, but my hope is that if even only 10 kids the world over read my book, then that will be 10 more people who grow up compassionate towards others that may be a little different than them.

Have I looked at my story yet? No. This blog needed to be written to help cleanse my poor soul which I had allowed to be crushed. I can now walk away renewed and steam ahead with the realization that dreams are possible.  I am able to go forward believing that this story should be told the way I envision it and always remember….




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