Don’t just write… finish writing!!

Originally, this blog was going to be about writer’s block. As luck should have it, as I was looking up photos to pair with my musings today, I realized my issue isn’t writer’s block. It’s finishing my damn projects! 

I’m lucky, in the sense that ideas come to me pretty easily, and if they don’t….. I started practicing advice I once read from Maya Angelou, insider tip…. it totally works!

I have a story so close to completion I can taste its sweetness at the tip of my tongue. My issue is, once the creative work is done and it gets down to the nitty, gritty of editing, I lose momentum. I come to a full stop.

Oh I will continue working on it, all the “fun” stuff. Talking back and forth with my sister about illustration ideas and giving the green light to move forward with concepts she has sent. I’m not exactly sure why this happens to me. Today I had all the time I needed to fish it out of my laptop and tie up all the loose ends after suggestions were emailed to polish it up. However….

I pick up my kids in 30 minutes and my hopes are, by writing this blog I will give myself the courage to finish my book, insert my illustrations I have so far, mock up a cool looking cover photo and finally….. finish! Otherwise, I will never have any books where I want them…..

Please send me awesome vibes and well wishes that the writing muses lasso me and hold my feet to the fire this evening. 


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