In times like these….

My heart has been breaking by events happening in our country, culminating with the alt-right, neo nazi, white supremist demonstration that happened in Virginia over the weekend. Whether that was what the march intended, this was the type of people it drew to their side. I have felt sick to my stomach from the photos, the videos, and the response of our President. Perhaps I, like so many, was deluded in my thoughts that this type of thinking had been almost eradicated in our country. I’m watching on social media as it is ripping an even larger divide between the different races in our country. One person tried to be supportive and post this meme on their page:

Innocent, simple message…. right? Apparently I was wrong. The vitriol that was spewed beneath it in the comment section made me want to hide under my blankets and never come out. Statements like:

“you never heard of Racism that much until obama was elected president. He was turning black people against white people”

“I disagree everyone is born with hate … humans will always fear what doesn’t look like them …”

“They’re cute, but this isn’t exactly true. Research shows that we are born with a strong tendency to prefer others who are like ourselves…”

Obviously all these statements about this innocent picture of three kids, created a fire storm of insults and name calling, on all sides. A simple photo of love is even turned into a platform for hate.

What makes my soul ache from this, is we will be our own undoing. As long as we fight against one another, they win. “They” as in the men in power. While we fight each other, they can pass legislation regarding healthcare, women’s rights, immigration law, social programs, start wars…. pretty much anything they want, because We The People, are too busy fighting one another to notice. They want a racial divide because then we will never notice their slight of hand. By the time we do notice, it will be too late.

So what should a person like me do to help? In times like this I feel absolutely helpless. I don’t live in that state, I’m thousands of miles away, what can I do? That’s a good question that I don’t ever seem to find an answer to other than:

I will continue to teach my children to love other human beings for their morality, the nature of their hearts and not by the color of their skin. I will teach my kids that if they see someone that needs help, being picked on, or treated unjustly because of their race, creed, sexual orientation, or religion, it is your duty to help another human being. I will continue to teach my kids why. Why are people upset? On whose backs has this nation truly been built on? What is our country’s history? Where have we come from and what are my hopes for the future. The time to remain timid and quiet is gone. If we want to see change in the world, phones must be put down, electronics shelved, and hard work must happen, and it starts in your own backyard. If the vast majority of the country is appalled by the actions, truly the majority can band together to stamp out the darkness of hate.

Kindness begets love begets compassion which has a ripple effect like a stone tossed in a pond.  Where will you toss your stone first?


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